I strive to capture light and perspective in my paintings and I particularly love to paint trees and woodlands

with a sense of drawing the viewer into the scene.  I enjoy building layers into my paintings by adding the more delicate detail

over the initial colour work to create depth and intimacy.

If you have an idea that I can translate into original artwork for you, please contact me. 

"Sunlight & Shadows at Blackdown"

I wanted to paint a kind of triptych of the beautiful beech woodland near my home to really capture the sunlight through the trees. Only I didn't go for small canvases -oh no - I decided to go with three 102cm x 41cm canvas panels!

Although I wanted the three paintings to be part of the same panorama, they had to be entirely separate paintings that happen to flow together.  I approached each panel as a separate piece of work, concentrating on it alone, without trying to think about what I wanted to do on the other two!  

 Acrylic on Three Canvas Panels - Each 40" x 16"   £1,200


With inspiration drawn from the wild flowers and grasses along the edge of the shingle beach at Abbotsbury in Dorset, I wanted to catch a moment when the breeze gently scatters the seeds. 

 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  40" x 16"   £370

Autumn Glow.jpg


This painting is straight from my imagination.  I wanted to create a feeling of breathing in crisp, fresh air as the bright morning light draws you forward along a broad path through an autumn woodland. Who knows what lies beyond?  I'll leave that to your imagination!

 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  40" x 12"   SOLD

Catching Sunlight on the Ferns.jpg

"Catching Sunlight on Ferns"

This woodland scene captures a late summer, early autumn light through trees that are thinking about shedding their leaves.  The dense canopy of summer is thinning and the sunlight is tracing delicate fingers of light through to just catch the tops of the ferns.

 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  40" x 12"   SOLD

Fifteen Months 1.jpg

"Fifteen Months"

My clients asked for a woodland scene that depicted winter through spring, summer, autumn and back to winter, keeping three distinctive bands - foliage, light and woodland floor - all showing the different seasons.

 Acrylic on Canvas Panel  72" x 24"   COMMISSION

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