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Born on the Isle of Wight, I grew up in a little village on the edge of the New Forest close to The Solent,

so have always been lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside to draw inspiration from.


I've lived in West Dorset for 18 years now and as a self taught artist with an eye for detail and colour,

the seductive landscape and coastline that this beautiful part of the world has to offer

never ceases to fill me with great joy and an endless desire to paint!


I'm drawn to enhancing light and shadows whether I'm painting clouds, woodland or a seascape

and strive to produce balanced and expressive work that draws the viewer into the scenes I create.

I'm steadily building a client base of people who love my work and I sell my work directly from my home studio. 

I also undertake commissions for paintings.

Lone Sapling at Hardys Monument.jpg
Autumn Glow 1.jpg
Fox Passing Through_edited.jpg
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